Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This is the case that never ends......yes it goes on and on, my friends....

I went almost all of 2014 without any hearings, I don't know why I would be surprised when my lawyer told me my hearing has been set for May. As in May 2015. As in SIX MONTHS from now....and this after 5 years of litigation already?!?!  How on earth is this right? 
Supposedly we're still on call on the docket and could come up anytime between now and May, but after this long I'm not going to hold a single breath.

The time I have lost with my son can never be returned to us. He can't just decide to back up when he's an adult and decide to see what it's like to try launching into the world from an extremely motivated, two parent, multi-child household.  He can't erase the time he spent with the people that made him think I am some lying evil monster, hell-bent on ruining his life. I am so obnoxiously selfish that I have dedicated YEARS just trying to spend time with him that isn't tainted by nonsense. Our time will always be tainted, simply because this was allowed to go on unchecked for so long.

I think I am angry at myself, for actually letting myself get my hopes up a little with this new judge. It felt like she wanted to resolve this quickly, and that is more important than which way the ruling comes out at this point.   All I can do is know that however long this is dragged out with no answer, HE is affected by stress and bullshit and that will have impact on his school and his future. 

All of this is so beyond stupid, I cannot even begin to fathom how this is ok from a legal standpoint. My right to spend time with and parent my child the way I see fit is ABSOLUTELY being infringed on right now, and has been for YEARS. And at this point, it is likely too late. May will be well after his 16th birthday, and the court has also allowed he will testify AFTER talking with the judge in chambers so that she can determine whether or not his testimony is necessary.

I can't even begin to find the words for the frustration and disappointment I currently feel. May.

I feel like every attempt to make me give up on my child has been made, both by my son's temporary guardian, opposing counsel, and even the court by its total inaction. 
I have been asking the court for help to spend time with my son for the last FIVE YEARS.
Now they like to look at me with a knowing look and say "He's at that age..."
Yeah, thanks. If I had gotten help from the court when he was TEN, when I first asked maybe he wouldn't be refusing to spend any time with me at all.  And certainly reinforcing that he is absolutely right, and he doesn't actually have to follow any court orders isn't a good thing to be teaching any teenage boy.

Unbelievable. Way to drop the ball, AGAIN, Seminole County.

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  1. I am so shocked at this last astonishing move by the court, that I have no words. And THAT is unimaginable... Wow. I am sorry.