Thursday, March 20, 2014

I would write more often, but there's nothing to write about

I haven't posted because, well, nothing has happened worth mentioning really.

Our last hearing was set for Jan 31. A week before, it was "continued". To when, you ask? I still don't know. And now it is March 20.  How is it that months can go by without even knowing when you will next get in front of the judge? How many hearings can happen where absolutely nothing productive occurs? 

Meanwhile, my son refuses to visit. We have family therapy appointments every week, but lately it seems like every other week or so gets cancelled. The ones that do happen, we play games (lately, chess) and hang out for an hour while I try everything I can to get him to engage with me while he shrugs and answers with as few words as possible. I try to remind myself that some of this would be normal for a 15 year old boy even if he had spent every day of his life with me, and just kind of roll with it the best that I can. Improvising sure gets tough at times.

I keep in mind that now is not when me trying will matter, but later when he is older and looking back. I can rest assured knowing that he will have to at least know that I tried, as much as any person could possibly try with the roadblocks I have encountered every step of the way.  Maybe one day he will realize who it is I am doing it for.

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